23 Tasty Cocktail Party Appetizers

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Every cocktail party needs appetizers, to soak up the booze and keep party guests happy, but you can easily elevate your cocktail party by serving appetizers that are creative, delicious, and pair well with cocktails.

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Cocktail Party Appetizers

We’ve all been to those parties where the food is an after thought. It’s really a lost opportunity to elevate your party. Food plays a big role in the success of a party, and it’s important to put at least a little thought into what pairs well with the cocktails you’ll be serving.

To help you forms some ideas for hor d’oeuvres and finger food that you can serve alongside the drinks at your party, we’ve put together a little guide. These recipes were collected from our colleagues. You can see the full recipe by clicking the link below each photo.

Cocktail Party Appetizers

Cocktail Party Appetizers

You can't go wrong with any of these appetizers that pair well with cocktails. Your guests will love the creativity and variety.

Before You Go

Delicious appetizers that pair well with great cocktails definitely make a statement. Your guests will be so impressed with the extra effort you put in. Here are a few more articles we think you might enjoy.

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15 thoughts on “23 Tasty Cocktail Party Appetizers

  1. Rachna says:

    These recipes are truly delightful. The chocolate figs one is the one I will try first. Then the bruschetta and oysters. Thank you for this valuable post.

  2. Joanna Marini Dindinger says:

    Thank you so much, these pairing ideas are so helpful! My husband’s birthday is this week, and I’m creating a small “in-home bar” as a gift. He’s always enjoyed cocktails and wants to learn to make them. These appetizer ideas are lovely and classy, and helpful to know what to make to eat. I think he’ll love the bruschetta, especially.

  3. Canopas says:

    What a tantalizing lineup! These appetizers aren’t just a treat for the taste buds but also for the eyes. I’m already planning my next cocktail party and impress my guests with these delicious options!

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