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The world of wine is incredibly vast. We love exploring new wine regions around the world, learning about grape varietals we’ve never tried before, and meeting passionate winemakers. On this page, you’ll learn all about wine vacation and where to find the best wines.

Black Sangria

Black Sangria is a dark and mysterious cocktail to serve for Halloween that includes red [...]

Best Wine for People Who Don’t Like Wine

Maybe you had a sip of your mom’s white zinfandel and swore off wine forever. [...]

Sweet Wines for Beginners

Sweet wines come in all sorts of styles, from the light and refreshing to the [...]

35 Wine Quotes All Wine Drinkers Can Relate To

If you’re a wine drinker, even occasionally, you’ll definitely relate to these wine quotes that [...]

Best White Wine Storage Temperature

It’s pretty likely that you have white wine at home that you’re storing, whether it [...]

Best Temperature for Red Wine Storage

It’s pretty likely that you have red wine bottles at home that you’re storing, whether [...]

At What Temperature Does Wine Freeze?

Whether you’ve left a bottle of wine in the freezer too long or you’re wondering [...]

How Many Glasses of Wine Are in a Bottle?

This is a common question asked by just about anyone who’s ever opened a bottle [...]

Best Wine Refrigerators for Wine Storage at Home

Though many red wines are fine being served at room temperature, some wines – particularly [...]

Willamette Valley Wineries: Where to Try Oregon Pinot Noir

Oregon’s Willamette Valley wineries are well known for Pinot Noir, which is some of the [...]


How to Host a Blind Wine Tasting Party

Being able to correctly identify wine takes years of practice that includes blind tasting of [...]


Red Wine Sangria Recipe

Red Wine Sangria is a fruity and fun way to serve wine at a party [...]


Cinnamon Apple Cider Sangria

When it comes to fall “batch size” cocktails, this Cinnamon Apple Cider Sangria one of [...]


8 Top Champagne Houses in Reims, France

Wine lovers visiting Paris often choose to take a day trip to Reims for Champagne [...]


Wine Tours in France: Where to Go Wine Tasting in the French Countryside

Wine tours in France are a great way to discover the incredibly rich and fertile [...]

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All You Need to Know about Australian Wine

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10 Best Wine Country Vacations Around the World

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Located in the northern part of Spain, La Rioja is one of the country’s most [...]