In 2014, we started a travel blog that focuses on food. We travel often and there’s no better way to discover the world than through food. Of course, no good meal is complete without a glass of something to go with it, so we started Savored Sips as a way to explore and celebrate the diverse drinks we’ve come across while traveling the world.

While there is a vast amount of beer, wine and liquor to discover in the world, the best drinks don’t stop there. We also talk about tea, coffee, and anything drinkable! We are equal opportunity drinkers.

Who We Are

You may be wondering what makes us qualified for the job.

Laura has been traveling internationally for over 20 years and has been to 65+ countries.  Nick has been to 40+ countries. Our passion for wine, craft beer and homebrewing has stoked our desire to travel to wine regions, learn more about craft beers, and take coffee classes around the world. Where ever we travel, finding the unique drinks from that place is a top priority on our itinerary.

We been on pub crawls in Amsterdam, Champagne tours in France, and whisky tasting in Scotland. We’ve traveled to 18 countries for wine tasting. We even make our own homebrew. We’ve got enough experience to cover all of the topics related to drinks, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Nick & Laura in Paris
Nick & Laura at a tea ceremony in Japan
Learning to sniff coffee

What We Do

Laura has been a newspaper/magazine/online writer and website editor for over 20 years and decided it was time to work for herself, for a change. The blogs have become like little children, and Laura coddles them as if they are. Nick is a software developer for a large online retailer. He does all of the technical things that make this site run smoothly.

We live in London, adopting a life as expats from the United States. We travel extensively around Europe and farther afield every chance we get. There’s no place we won’t travel for food and drink.


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We love to hear from readers, so please contact us with any questions or comments you may have about Savored Sips, our content, or any drink-related conundrums you have. We’re happy to help out! You can fill out the contact form or just send an email to info(at)SavoredSips(dot)com.

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What a lethal bucket list to slowly make my way through!! Thanks for sharing!

-- Kathi from Scotland

Your post made me wish I was on the beach sipping a frozen margarita!

-- Darlene from Philippines

With so many tours, it’s so hard to know which one to take. You’ve made the choice easy–no need to do any extra research.

-- Nicole from USA