Drinking Toasts: How to Say Cheers in 35 Different Languages

Cheers in different languages

Raising a glass for a toast is a universal experience, and so it is one that comes with many different variations. In the United States and the United Kingdom, we say Cheers! But each country has its own version, spoken in their own language. Before you travel somewhere new, why not learn a few of these unique drinking toast? We’ve compiled 35 of them in a fun infographic, so you can know how to say cheers in other languages.

We sometimes tend to do things just for the sake of doing them or because that’s just what we do, without thinking about the actual meaning behind it. Saying “cheers” and clinking glasses is one of those time-honored traditions that has become one of those things. You may be wondering why we do it in the first place.

What Does Cheers Mean?

The word or phrase used in different languages for “Cheers” has various translations, but they all carry the same meaning. We say “Cheers!” as we clink glasses before taking a drink as a form of salutation – a gesture, or toast, meaning “to health and happiness”.

While there is no definite proof of the origin of this phrase and gesture, it is said to have been an ancient tradition. The general consensus is that it began as a way of honoring someone, just as a toast still does, but that the ceremony of saying an elaborate toast turned into a shortened for of clicking glasses and wishing your fellow drinkers good cheer!

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How to Say Cheers in 35 Different Languages

We’ve done a lot of traveling – perhaps you have too – and we’re always having to scramble to look up the translation for cheers as we grab our first beer or cocktail in a different country. Sure, we could just say cheers and no one would care, but it’s more fun to join the others and say it like you mean it.

For your convenience (and ours), we’ve put together this fun infographic with the phrase you should use to say cheers in 35 different countries. Notice that many of them say it the same way. Cheers in Spanish is Salud and cheers in Italian can be said Salute or Cin Cin. Skål, meaning health, is used in at least four different countries.

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Learn how to say "Cheers!' in 35 different languages
Learn how to say “Cheers!’ in 35 different languages

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