12 Smoky & Delicious Mezcal Cocktails

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If you love Mezcal, you’re going to need this list of fabulous Mezcal cocktails. Ranging from sweet to savory, all of these cocktails are as smoky as the Mezcal you put in them.

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mezcal cocktails

Ever since we visited Mexico for the first time and tried a cocktail with Mezcal in it, we’ve been hooked. The sweet smoky flavor of the roasted agave pairs well with so many mixers, and the resulting cocktails are unique and interesting.

The Mezcal cocktail list below is a compilation from our fellow cocktail creators. Click through to see the full recipe.

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Del Maguey Mezcal
Sombra mezcal
Alipus Mezcal

Mezcal Cocktails You'll Love

Rim Salt for Mezcal Cocktails

Most Mezcal cocktails can benefit from a rim salt. The smoky mezcal liquor goes really well with a smoky bacon salt, for instance. Any fruity, smoky cocktail can have a rim salt added. It will increase the depth of flavor to the fruit.

Here are a few of our favorite rim salts to go with Mezcal cocktails.

Final Thoughts

I hope you give these Mezcal cocktails a try. You’ll be surprised how well Mezcal blends with various flavors. Pick up a great bottle of Mezcal and get busy mixing!

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