10 Smoky & Delicious Mezcal Cocktails

mezcal cocktails
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If you love Mezcal, you’re going to need this list of fabulous Mezcal cocktails. Ranging from sweet to savory, all of these cocktails are as smoky as the Mezcal you put in them.

Ever since we visited Mexico for the first time and tried a cocktail with Mezcal in it, we’ve been hooked. The sweet smoky flavor of the roasted agave pairs well with so many mixers, and the resulting cocktails are unique and interesting.

This Mezcal cocktail list is a compilation from our fellow cocktail creators. Click through to see the full recipe.

The “Hawaiian Bon Fire” Spicy Pinapple Cocktail

mezcal cocktail

This spicy, smoky pineapple cocktail with mezcal is so easy, delicately tropical, a little sparkly and such an impressive pool-party signature! Who knew jalapeños could be so refreshing!?

>> See the recipe

Smoky Grilled Mezcal Margarita

lemon mezcal cocktail

These Grilled Mezcal Margaritas are a delicious, smoky riff on a classic. 

>>See the recipe

Peach Mezcal Margarita

peach mezcal cocktail

Sipping on a Peach Mezcal Margarita makes everything feel like summer. We like our margaritas with the smoky notes of Mezcal. It makes this no ordinary margarita!

>>See the recipe

Hibiscus Mezcal Sour

hibiscus cocktail

This hibiscus mezcal sour is a Mexican-inspired take on a whiskey sour. It’s colorful, gently fruity and smoky and oh so good. Perfect for any occasion!

>> See the recipe

Smoky Basil Oaxacan Mezcal Cocktail

oaxacan cocktail

The smoky mezcal in this Oaxacan Mezcal cocktail melds perfectly with the fresh basil and sweet agave to make one super tasty cocktail.

>> See the recipe

Pomegranate Mezcal Margarita

Pomegranate Mezcal Margarita

If you’re looking for a twist on a classic margarita, this is the recipe to try. The pomegranate juice works so well with the smoky Mezcal. You’ll be wanting more than one, for sure.

>> See the recipe

Mezcal Left Hand

Mezcal Left Hand

If you like a negroni, you’ll surely love this cocktail, with a blend of Mezcal, Vermouth and Campari, and a dash of chocolate bitters.

>> See the recipe

Mezcal Margarita

Smoky & Delicious Mezcal Coktails

This margarita recipe is refined sugar free. It replaces the sugary triple sec with either honey or agave syrup, for those who are not consuming refined sugar.

>> See the recipe

Blood Orange Mezcal Negroni

A complex and delicious sipper, Blood Orange Mezcal Negroni might rock your world. Mezcal, Campari, blood orange cordial, and fresh lime juice shaken with ice and strained into a smoked salt rimmed rocks glass!

>> See the recipe


Smoky Mezcal Margarita Popsicles

Smoky & Delicious Mezcal Cocktails

Smoky Mezcal Margarita Pops! This cocktail on a stick truly changes the cocktail game.

>> See the recipe

Final Thoughts

I hope you give these Mezcal cocktails a try. You’ll be surprised how well Mezcal blends with various flavors. Pick up a great bottle of Mezcal and get busy mixing!

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