Best Cities for Pub Crawls in Europe

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Whether you’re visiting an exotic European destination with your friends, embarking on a solo backpacking adventure through the continent, or looking for the perfect city for a stag or hen weekend, you should spend at least one of your evenings on an epic pub crawl.

To get your bar crawl going, we have handpicked a list of the choicest locations across Europe for a pub crawl. So get the chaps together, clink those glasses, drink up and have a gala time.

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Beer pulls in a pub

Prague Pub Crawls

Tank up on some quality beer in Prague. However be warned, long queues might come in the way of your fun. Find of a local guide who knows the area’s bars and pubs well, so he can take you to some of the best watering holes in the city. With cheap beer and plenty of options, Prague will certainly not disappoint.

The best part about bar crawling across Prague is how cheap the liquor is, in some bars as low as €1 for a pint of beer.

Don’t fancy a beer? Fret not, Prague has many options to satiate any kind of boozy thirst. Choose from vintage vodka, wines or even absinthe to up the ante.

Amsterdam Pub Crawls

The Dam is not only famous for its Red light district and canals. The bar crawls here are equally legendary. To traverse through the maze of pubs across the city, hire a guide who can help you taste some of the famous craft beers Amsterdam is known for. If you’re up for it, why not go for a cycling bar crawl. Pedal your way through the city chugging on some cold beer as you discover great bars and top-notch ale.

Beer temple

Berlin Pub Crawls

The Germans take their beer very seriously. You can expect nothing less than a fabulous bar crawl in Berlin. The variety on offer will send your mind into a tizzy. By the end of your crawl, you will be able to tell the difference between Berliner Weisse and Kellerbier.

If you still have some space left after all that beer, get your hands on some currywurst or schnitzel. Wash down all that tasty food with some brilliant craft beer and your Berlin bar crawl will be a success.

A bar in Berlin
A bar in Berlin

Ibiza Pub Crawls

If you want a wild night out in of the most happening cities of the world, swaying in some of the hippest bars, Ibiza is what you are looking for.

The city is a known legend for its nightlife, so bar crawling through Ibiza is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Most bars in Ibiza stay open till 6 a.m. giving you ample time to check out all the famous bars. If you want to avoid long queues, avoid popping in between 1:30 am and 3 am.

Hop through the most happening bars in the city and try the native spirits and liqueurs like Frigola or some native craft beer like Ibosim to get a taste of Mediterranean magic.

Barcelona Pub Crawls

When you’re looking for a wild night out in a European city, look no further than Barcelona. Let the rhythm of the city take over you as a guide shows you the best bars in town to give you a night you won’t forget.

Stroll through the labyrinthine paths of the city to get to famous city bars and get intoxicated by chilled beer and a nice bourbon. Do try some indigenous Cava or Vermouth for an extra hit.

The old town of Ciutat Vella, L’Eixample, Placa Del Sol are the best neighborhoods to make the most of your batman hours bar hopping adventures.

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A Ruin bar in Budapest
A Ruin bar in Budapest

Budapest Pub Crawls

What makes Budapest good is its architecture, the Danube ebbing and flowing through the city, the culture and its cuisine. What makes Budapest great is its vivacious nightlife.

There is one experience in Budapest that will take your bar crawling plan up a notch. The Ruin Bars of the city are located in the abandoned buildings of the dilapidated Old Jewish Quarter dating back to World War 2 and have been popular for over a decade.

Enjoy downing some chilled locally made Keseru Mez beer and don’t leave the bar before sipping on the famous Hungarian spirit of Palinka.

The time you spend in these bars will be unforgettable and make your visit to the Hungarian city a truly memorable experience.

Dublin Pub Crawls

The pub capital of Ireland will keep you on your toes. Your bar crawl in Dublin should not only be about Guinness. The city also boasts of some finest quality whiskey. Hop from one pub to the other and get to know the difference between vintages of that famous Irish tipple.

If your visit so happens to be around St. Patrick’s day, the boozers will be brimming with revelers. Come prepared for some serious fun, and with a little Irish music in the mix, the bar crawl will be nothing short of spectacular.

Temple Bar in Dublin is the perfect place for a pub crawl
Temple Bar in Dublin is the perfect place for a pub crawl

Edinburgh Pub Crawls

Pack your kilts and get ready for a glorious night of boozing. The Scots know how to party and once you have spent some time with them, you too will master this art.

After you’re done guzzling beer, taste some of the legendary Scotch on offer. With some of the single malts as old as you, a guided tour can renew your appreciation for this great drink.

While on your Auld Reekie bar crawl, do sample some of the local grub. A portion of Haggis must be polished off before you call it a day on your bar hopping spree.


Drinking on your European vacation is a no-brainer, but doing it the proper way is what makes or breaks your night out. Pick one of these great destinations for a pub crawl in Europe and your fellow travelers will not be able to thank you enough. Get crawling on that booze-induced adventure and don’t forget to raise a toast to your unforgettable experience in the city.


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Best cities in Europe for a pub crawl
Best cities in Europe for a pub crawl



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