What To Serve With Pizza: 25 Great Sides

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For a lot of us, pizza is a go-to meal when life gets hectic. If you need something to serve that you know will be a hit with everyone, pizza is a pretty obvious answer. But there’s always a problem: what do you serve as a side with pizza?

What to serve with pizza is a great question, as it can be hard to come up with ideas on the spot when you’re trying to throw something together quickly. If you’ve run into a block on what to serve, that’s exactly what this article is for.

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Feta dip, crispy ravioli, and prosciutto and melon skewers, what to serve with pizza

Everything on this list is a great choice, and will surely bring your pizza night to the next level. Below are 25 of our favorite side dish recipes that we’ve collected with the help of our fellow food bloggers.

Other Recipe Compilations To Try

What To Serve With Pizza


Pizza is a go-to meal for lots of people, but it can be hard to find a side dish that will be just as popular as the main course. We hope these ideas inspire you, and help you make a rounded meal for everyone in your household to enjoy.


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Cheesy pull apart bread, fontina dip, and breaded mushrooms

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