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We never want to ignore the non-alcoholic drinks that you can find around the world. Many of them are unique and exciting. Learn more about coffee and tea around the world, plus many other non-alcoholic things to drink.

Homemade Jalapeño Simple Syrup

Jalapeno simple syrup adds a spicy and sweet kick to your recipes. Use this easy [...]

Homemade Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

Use this Brown Sugar Simple Syrup in cocktails or to give a nice caramelly burst [...]

Pink Hot Chocolate

This Pink Hot Chocolate is delightfully creamy and has the perfect white chocolate flavor with [...]

Ginger Beer Mocktail

This spicy and flavorful Ginger Beer Mocktail is made with ginger beer, lemon juice, and [...]

Simple Blue Lagoon Mocktail

A Blue Lagoon Mocktail is fun non-alcoholic version of a cocktail that’s super fun to [...]

Holiday Grinch Punch Recipe

Grinch Punch is a festive and fun drink that is perfect for any holiday party [...]

10 Popular Japanese Drinks | Sodas, Tea, & Alcoholic Beverages

Japan is mostly renowned for its culinary scene, with plenty of dishes for various palates. [...]

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Blood Orange Italian Soda

This delicious Blood Orange Italian Soda is sweet and fizzy, and it’s a great choice [...]

Easy Oreo Milkshake Recipe

This creamy and chocolatey Oreo Milkshake combines vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies for the [...]