Bailey’s White Russian Recipe

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A Bailey’s White Russian cocktail is very similar to a White Russian you may have had before, but with the addition of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

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Bailey's White Russian

This cocktail is one that I can’t resist during the winter months. Even though it’s served over ice, it feels like a cozy, comforting cocktail that you want to sip by the fireplace.

This version of a White Russian is something fairly new, but it elevates the original, which uses regular cream, to new heights. I always love Irish cream in cocktails.

Bailey's White Russian

What is a White Russian?

This cocktail has nothing at all to do with Russia, just to be clear. It’s a drink that was invented in 1949 in Brussels. Read the full story here. There’s actually a Black Russian and a White Russian. The former doesn’t have cream in it.

A White Russian cocktail is made with coffee liqueur (like Kahlua), vodka, and cream, served over ice. Very simple, yet very delicious. It’s one of my favorite coffee drinks.

Why a Bailey’s Version?

This Bailey’s White Russian version came about much later after someone really smart realized that Bailey’s Irish Cream could be used as a substitute for cream. Yum.

If you look on the Bailey’s brand website, you’ll find that they use their signature Espresso Crème Liqueur, plus some coffee liqueur and milk in their Bailey’s Irish Cream. A little bit different than the version we make, but still very similar. If you have a bottle of espresso cream sitting around, give it a try!

bailey's white russian ingredients

Ingredients Needed For a Bailey’s White Russian

  • Vodka – use any vodka you have, it doesn’t have to be special. If you have vanilla or some other fun flavor like marshmallow or caramel, you can use that too.
  • Kahlua – or any other coffee liqueur you have. Read up on whether Kahlua goes bad and how long it will last here.
  • Bailey’s Irish cream – I have a bottle of Bailey’s salted caramel cream that I love using in this recipe. You can also make your own Irish cream liqueur.
  • Ice
Bailey's white russian

How to Make a Bailey’s White Russian

In a low ball glass, mix the vodka and Kahlua. Add ice to the glass. Pour the Bailey’s Irish Cream over the top slowly to make a cascade effect.

I think this drink is especially lovely when served with the Irish cream still sinking into the other liquor in the glass. So I leave it that way until I’m just about to drink it.

In order to make sure everything is mixed together well, you should stir it before drinking.

Bailey's white russian

When to Serve a White Russian

I find that a White Russian is best as an after dinner drink or a night cap. It’s not something you’d typically drink during the day, unless you’re having late afternoon dessert cocktails with friends.

Since a White Russian is quite thick, it makes a good dessert all on its own.


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Bailey's White Russian
Yield: 1 cocktail

Bailey's White Russian Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A Bailey's White Russian cocktail mixes vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey's Irish cream for a comforting sweet drink.


  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 1 ounce Kahlua
  • 1 ounce Bailey’s Irish cream
  • Ice


    1. In a lowball glass, mix the vodka and Kahlua. Add ice to the glass. Pour the Bailey’s Irish Cream over the top slowly to make a cascade effect. Stir before drinking.


Use any type of Bailey's (or other brand) Irish Cream you like in this recipe.

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Bailey's White Russian

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