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Spicy La Piña Mezcal Cocktail

This spicy La Piña Mezcal cocktail blends together the sweet tropical flavors of pineapple with [...]

10 Popular Japanese Drinks | Sodas, Tea, & Alcoholic Beverages

Japan is mostly renowned for its culinary scene, with plenty of dishes for various palates. [...]

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Best Temperature for Red Wine Storage

It’s pretty likely that you have red wine bottles at home that you’re storing, whether [...]

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer

These bacon wrapped shrimp are crisped in the oven and tossed in a savory sweet [...]

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Decadent Snickers Martini

Dessert cocktails are a revelation and one that you definitely should try is a Snickers [...]

Blood Orange Italian Soda

This delicious Blood Orange Italian Soda is sweet and fizzy, and it’s a great choice [...]

Blood Orange Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

This Blood Orange Old Fashioned is a great way to change up your favorite classic [...]

Homemade Blood Orange Simple Syrup

The gorgeous deep red color of a blood orange makes such a beautiful simple syrup [...]

Can You Use Evaporated Milk for Coffee?

No matter whether you are making drip coffee, a latte, or cold brew, you can [...]

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The Best Homemade Brownies Recipe

This best homemade brownie recipe is so fast to put together. You’ll have a moist [...]

At What Temperature Does Wine Freeze?

Whether you’ve left a bottle of wine in the freezer too long or you’re wondering [...]

Simple & Tasty Cranberry Brie Bites

These Cranberry Brie Bites are a simple and tasty appetizer with just three ingredients: cranberry [...]

Creamy & Rich Hokkaido Milk Tea

Hokkaido Milk Tea is a version of milk tea made in Hokkaido, Japan, that is [...]

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Baked Feta Tomato Dip

This Baked Feta Tomato Dip with bright juicy cherry tomatoes and creamy delicious feta cheese [...]

Super Tasty Guinness Milkshake

Milkshakes have never been so good until now. Try this super tasty Guinness Milkshake and [...]

Festive Boozy Shamrock Shake

Give a boozy kick to your St. Patrick’s Day shamrock shake with this festive milkshake [...]

Irish Whiskey Margarita [aka Shamrock Margarita]

Looking for a fun green drink to serve at your St. Patrick’s Day party? This [...]

Party Planning: How Many Appetizers Per Person

When it comes to party planning, inviting the guests to celebrate is only one piece [...]

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Shredded chicken combined with hot sauce and a variety of cheeses, wrapped in puff pastry [...]

Green Tea vs White Tea: Which is Better?

I’ve heard a few times recently that white tea is the new green tea. There [...]

Best Coffee for Cold Brew: Roasts, Blends, and Beans

Cold Brew can be found in almost every trendy coffee shop worldwide. But really you [...]