What to Drink in Australia: 11 Must-Try Drinks

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They say that to get to know the culture of a country or a city you’re visiting, that you need to try their local cuisine. I say, for you to really get the full experience, you also need to try out their famous drinks and libations.

Australia is such a unique place, being the only one in the world that is both a continent and a country. It’s only right that they offer equally unique and interesting drinks. Below you’ll find a list of what to drink in Australia – 11 of the countries most iconic drinks.

If you run out of trinkets and souvenirs to bring to your loved ones at home, you can squeeze in a bottle or two of these drinks in your luggage.

Here are our favorite Aussie drinks that you should try when you visit the land down under. This is going to be a boozy feature, so you better get a hold of yourself.

1. Goon

Australian wine called Goon.

A goon is a type of white wine that’s popular in Australia. It’s not easily everyone’s favorite, but if you drink it more often, it will grow on you, and you’ll eventually come to enjoy every drop of this drink. For a better experience, mix it with fruit juice to help make the taste a lot better.

It’s not clear as to where this drink came from, but who needs to know anyway? If your sole purpose is to drink the day away, then you wouldn’t care, would you?

2. Traditional Ginger Beer

Budaberg Ginger Beer
Budaberg Ginger Beer (CC4.0 Image by Sinikka Halme)

Fans of Bundaberg drinks, rejoice! Australia is where this drink was born, so there is no way you are leaving this country without a taste of their traditional ginger beer. You can drink it straight from the bottle if you’re that badass, or you can mix it with other drinks and cocktails for a different experience.

While you’re at it, it’s also nice to have a little backgrounder as to how this drink is made. From locally grown dried ginger, it’s mixed with sugarcane, water and is then fermented with special yeast.

They use dried ginger to make the flavor last longer. If you despise the taste of ginger, Bundaberg might just change your mind when you try their version of ginger beer.

3. Archie Rose Distillery

This famous Aussie distillery in Sydney has a wide variety of spirits you can choose from depending on your mood. If you’re into gin, they have a fantastic dry gin up their collection that you can drink all night.

They also have their signature vodka and white rye that you can always drink with friends and family. They also offer limited drinks, so you should keep an eye out for those items.

The Archie Rose distillery in New South Wales is one of the first distilleries in Australia who handcrafted their own signature drinks. The vibe of the place does look like it’s been brewed for so many years already. It’s obviously brimming with so much experience.

4. Tooheys

Toohey's Beer
Toohey’s Beer (CC2.0 Image by Jazz Guy)

Forget the hard drinks first, Tooheys is where the beer lovers are at. If you have this travel tradition to taste local beers when you’re on a trip, then this is what you should try when you’re in Australia.

It tastes good, so you better watch your consumption. You might forget that an alcoholic drink is what you’re drinking. You can choose from a variety of sizes, so just decide according to your thirst level.

5. Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain may not be as famous as the others, but it does exist. They have spirits that are so good, even the experts, a.k.a. Bartenders, use them in their mixes. It’s also a well-awarded local brand which garnered 300 recognition in their 20 years in the industry.

They have wicked Apricot brandy that should be on your list of drinks to get drunk in when you’re visiting Australia. If you’re passing through Queensland, you can visit their beautiful natural distillery located atop the Gold Coast Hinterland.

6. Hippocampus

Hippocampus Distillery

This brand is considered to be one of the best liquor brands in Australia. Hippocampus produces high-quality gin and vodka that can make you forget your name. Their spirits are crafted through traditional Australian methods making it a local experience.

Their vodka is made out of organic ingredients, so if you’re carefully watching your carbon footprint on the earth, this will help you live that sustainable lifestyle while still enjoying a glass or two, or the whole bottle if you’re that parched.

You can book a tour in their distillery to learn more about their process and the story behind their beginnings.

7. St. Agnes

If you think the best cognac you’ve ever tasted is from France, well you probably haven’t tried St. Agnes. This Australian brand has been in the industry since 1910. It’s best to say that they’ve earned their stripes throughout the years.

They grow their grapes in Australia’s red loam soils, allowing them to produce one of the best brandies in the world. They also use the double distilling technique to make sure they achieve the taste they are known for.

8. 666 Vodka

strawberry black pepper vodka smash

Thanks to the clean waters of Cape Grim, we’ve been blessed with the goodness of one of the best local spirits out there. While it may seem like your classic vodka, it tastes like a divine gift from the gods of spirits even though its name suggests otherwise.

It’s a wickedly good drink made of Tasmanian barley and a slight hint of chocolate overtones. They also have butter-flavored vodka and vodka infused with coffee if your daily cup isn’t enough yet to survive the day, well at least you have an option.

9. Old Young’s

In 2017, Old Young’s emerged as the Distillery of the Year at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. Never question the prowess of Old Young’s eccentric range of spirits that can go as diverse as Cold drip coffee to Pavlova vodkas.

Born in Swan Valley, Western Australia, Old Young’s is definitely the type of drink that would tickle your taste buds with their flavors that are borderline out of this world.

10. Australian Wine

Penfold's Australia wine
Penfold’s wine

Now, for those whose only reason reading this is to get a hold of the best wines in the country, then wait no more. Australia is a wine-soaked country, so we couldn’t just end the list without naming the best bottles that you can look for when visiting the land down under.

Australia’s famous red wine varieties range from Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Grenache. It’s practically every red wine you can think of and more. Its white counterpart, however, has an even wider selection from Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho, Semillon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio and a lot more.

11. Local Craft Beer

Australian beer
Australian beer

Did you know that Australia is ranked number two when it comes to beer consumption? In fact, according to a recent study, Aussies can consume 304 beers per person per year. If it weren’t for the Czechs who can drink 419 beers per person per year, then Australia would have been named the most beer drinker in the world.

Fosters is one of the most popular brands in Australia. You can find it almost anywhere in the country so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding a bottle. They also have regional beers that you can try, including Victoria Bitter in Victoria, 27 South Brewing in Queensland, and Cascade Beer in Tasmania, to name a few.


It’s best to cool down after a long day of sightseeing and discovering new places with a pint of your preferred drink. Australia has a wide array of drinks that you can choose from.

I bet you wouldn’t go thirsty if you’re visiting this continent. Just remember, take everything in moderation. Or well, go on, drink heaps and heaps of Aussie drinks because #YOLO.

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