Kegerator Review: Single Tap Kegco Kegerator

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Kegco’s K199 single-tap kegerator is the entry-level model that compares in price and quality to the other kegerators on our list. It’s a good kegerator for people who are just starting out with homebrewing or want to have their favorite beer on tap at home. It comes with all of the equipment you need to get started, and also shops with a few wire rack shelves so you can make the kegerator into a refrigerator when you’re not using it for beer. The price is slightly higher than its competitors, though there really isn’t any extra equipment included that would warrant the higher price.

Including with the Kegco kegerator is a premium gauge CO2 regulator, a Sankey D system keg coupler for tapping domestic beer kegs, and an empty 5 lb CO2 tank, plus the beer lines needed to attach the keg. This version is a black model with a stainless steel door. You can also purchase one with a black door (and that model has a slightly lower price tag.)

Kegco Kegerator Review

If you’re looking for a super quiet and energy efficient kegerator for in-home use, the Kegco kegerator may be the best choice. It is both quieter and reportedly 25% more energy efficient than other kegerators on the market. There is a thermostat adjustment knob right inside the door to efficiently change the temperature of your beer, as desired.

The unit features a single faucet, aluminum draft beer tower and a stainless steel exterior. It’s meant for indoor use only, but it does a nice job of blending in with the other appliances in the kitchen, so it doesn’t look out of place inside. The Kegco beer cooler also has a stainless steel interior floor mat to distribute the keg weight evenly. This will help prevent damage to the unit floor over time.

Size Considerations

The Kegco kegerator measures 33′ H x 20″ W x 25.5″. This is a standard size for more entry-level kegerators. It can fit all standard-size kegs inside, but won’t be able to fit non-standard or rubberized kegs. It will hold a full-size, pony, or quarter slim keg, or up to two 1/6 barrel homebrew kegs. You can mount the CO2 tank on the inside or on the outside. Which you choose is really a matter of personal opinion. It does take up more space to have the tank on the back of the unit – you can’t slide it flush against the wall, but it is easier to adjust from the outside.

This model of the Kegco Kegerator has only a single tap, but other versions are available with dual tap and even triple tap tower. These models are understandable more expensive, but if you’re making homebrew regularly, you’ll want to have the extra taps to serve two or three at a time.  If you think there’s any chance you might want to add taps in the future, it’s worth the investment to purchase it that way, rather than try to modify it later.

Included Components of the Kegco Kegerator

  • Domestic “D” coupler for use with regular commercial kegs
  • CO2 regulator with easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • New, empty 5lb. aluminum CO2 tank
  • Stainless steel draft tower with faucet
  • Beer and gas lines
  • A two-piece drip tray and metal safety rail
  • Generic black plastic tap handle
  • Castors and a protective metal floor plate for durability.
  • External CO2 tank mount
  • Two internal racks (to use as a refrigerator)

The only thing you need to purchase as an add on to this kit is the coupler for using homebrew kegs (if you’ll be doing that). Once you have both types of couplers, you will be able to use the kegerator for commercial beer or homebrew beer.

  • Said to be up to 25% more efficient
  • Slimmer than some other models
  • Can be purchased as a single, dual or triple tap
  • CO2 tank can be mounted on the inside or outside
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Difficult to get repaired


This Kegco entry-level kegerator is a good choice for those just getting started with homebrewing, who don’t want to sink too much money into the hobby. It has an easily adjustable thermostat, and maintains coolness when kept away from hot areas and direct sunlight. It fits two Cornelius kegs used for homebrewing, which is a bonus, even when you only have a single tap. Overall, it’s very similar to the other entry-level kegerators. However, the price tag is higher than competitors, like the Edgestar KC2000 or Keggermeister.

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