Kegerator Review: Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator

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If you’re looking for a home kegerator to either use for parties at home, or to store your homebrew, you know that there are a few top-selling kegerators out there to choose from. It’s sometimes difficult to cut through the mumbo jumbo to get to the solid facts about each kegerator, in order to determine which one is right for you. This review of the Keggermeister KM2800BK kegerator will answer your questions about this model. We’ll even give you a few pros and cons to consider when pitting this kegerator up against the popular Edgestar KC2000.

The Keggermeister KM2800BK is an entry-level kegerator that will suit the needs of most people who are looking for a full-size, single-tap kegerator for home use. You can use it for both homebrew kegs and commercial kegs, so it’s super versatile. Plus, it won’t set you back too much. At a sale price of around $400, the Keggermeister KM2800BK is competitively priced with the other kegerators in its class.

The Keggermeister has a sleek and classic design. It comes in a standard black matte finish, with a black tower and chrome spout. There’s a metal guardrail around the top to prevent cups and things from being knocked off the top. It also has smooth rolling casters on the base so you won’t scratch the floor up when moving it around. If you prefer a stainless steel version, it’s the Keggermeister KM2800SS. The stainless steel version is slightly more expensive than the black one. In my opinion, it’s harder to keep shiny and clean, and doesn’t blend into most living room decor as well as the black one does.

The Keggermeister kegerator can accommodate full-size kegs, pony kegs, or 2 5-gallon kegs. You can store your own homebrew in it, which is one of the main pros for having a kegerator at home. Instead of wasting your time on bottling your beer, having it on tap in the kegerator is a great alternative. It keeps the beer at the right pressure and temperature, and prolongs the life of the beer as well. No more bottle rockets!

The Keggermeister has an external LCD temperature gauge as well as a dual gauge regulator to monitor the PSI and how much CO2 is remaining in the cylinder. Believe me, you’ll really enjoy that feature when you’ve got 15 of your friends over for a keg party and your CO2 runs out.

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Size Considerations

The external dimensions of the Keggermeister kegerator is 21.3” W x 33.2” H x 26.6” D. While it does accommodate most kegs (full-size, pony and slim pony kegs, it does not fit oversized commercial kegs (like Coors Light and Miller Lite kegs). It has only a single tap. If wouldn’t be worth it to reconfigure it to a dual tap due to the size restriction. You can only fit one sixth-barrel or Cornelius keg inside, unlike some wider kegerators, like the Edgestar KC2000.

Included components of the Keggermeister kegerator

  • Sanke tap assembly for use with regular commercial kegs
  • CO2 regulator with easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • new (but empty) 2.5lb. aluminum CO2 tank
  • black draft tower with chrome faucet
  • beer and gas lines
  • a two-piece drip tray and metal safety rail
  • generic black plastic tap handle
  • The unit has castors and a protective metal floor plate for durability.

The only thing you’ll really need to purchase as an add on to this kit is the coupler for using homebrew kegs (if you’ll be doing that).

How to Set up the Keggermeister Kegerator

The included instructions will walk you through set up, which should take about 30 minutes if you’re focused. There are a lot of parts and steps to follow, but the instruction manual has photos and does a good, clear job of explaining. If you’d rather watch a video about it, here is a YouTube video that thoroughly explains the process of setting up the Keggermeister kegerator.

Common Issues with the Keggermeister

If you’ve read a bunch of reviews for Keggermeister KM2800BK kegerator, you might be worried about a few issues that people seem to have. I’ve read dozens of reviews for this kegerator and many others. It was one of the things that gave me major pause before buying one myself. It seems like a lot of user have trouble with two main issues. One is pressure and one is temperature.

Maintaining Pressure

If you’re having difficulty maintaining the pressure of the beer that’s in your kegerator, there could be a few different issues that are causing it. If you jump immediately to the conclusion that the kegerator itself is the cause and you don’t take the time to try to figure out the real cause, you’ll probably have a hard time finding a kegerator that works for you. These are typical issues that occur with most kegerator brands. It’s more about finding and fixing the issue.
So why would your beer be flat or losing pressure when you pour a beer? It could be related to a leak in your CO2 tank, or not having turned up the CO2 enough to fully carbonate the beer. The lines might not be connected properly. If you’re pouring only foam, you may have the CO2 set too high. You need to play around a bit with the pressure to get it just right. Also remember, every beer requires a different level of carbonation.

Maintaining Coldness

The kegerator works best if you plug it in and allow it to get cold for a few days before packing it full of warm beer that also has to become chilled. It’s hard enough for these little fridges to cool down, without adding extra pressure to it. So allow it to cool for 2-3 days before adding your beer. Then, of course, allow your beer to chill for another few days. You shouldn’t see the temperature in your fridge fluctuate much once it’s ready to go, unless you’re repeatedly opening the door. Leave the door closed. The Keggermeister should be able to chill beer as low as 35 degrees – and most beers should really be served a bit warmer than that.

If you find that you’re having trouble maintaining coldness, look at where you’re storing the kegerator. It should only be used indoors, and it shouldn’t be kept in a hot place, or in direct sunlight. If you keep it in a cool place in the house, it shouldn’t have any problem keeping cool. And finally, if you’ve considered all the options and moved the kegerator to a cool spot, contact the manufacturer for more advice before trying to modify it, which breaks the warranty. A good option for reducing the load on the motor and potentially cooling down the temperature is to use a small external fan behind the unit.

  • 2.5lb CO2 tank is included
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Keeps beer fresh for up to 3 months
  • One has a single tap, which limits variety.
  • Only fits one 1/6 barrel.
  • Only includes a 2.5lb CO2 tank instead of 5lb.
  • Has difficulty maintaining low temperature


Some people have trouble with maintaining the pressure and temperature with the Keggermeister KM2800BK kegerator. Since it’s an entry-level kegerator, you can expect to have some of those basic issues with any kegerator, and we don’t feel like this one has any more or less of those problems than other entry-level kegerators. It’s sleek and nice enough to put in the living room. The only hesitation we have about this kegerator is that it’s only a single tap and doesn’t fit more than one 1/6 barrel, so variety is limited. Since it’s the same size as other kegerators that can fit two, I’d go with one of those instead.

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One thought on “Kegerator Review: Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator

  1. Brenda Chilson says:

    We have one and cannot get the temp down to where it should be. It is set up in ideal situation, coolish room, no sun. Right now, at 52 degrees!! What could be wrong? does it need new coolatnt or thermostat, or what???

    • Laura says:

      You should definitely contact the manufacturer and troubleshoot with them. Sometimes the cooling unit is faulty, but they can likely give you some pointers for making sure it gets cool enough.

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