18 Best Gifts for Drink Lovers [Coffee, Tea, Wine & More]

Gifts for drink lovers
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How do you choose the right gift for someone in your life with a love of drinks?

You could just give them more of what you know they already like – but where’s the fun in that? Of course, finding something new to give the coffee connoisseur or tea master in your life is easier said than done. You need something that’s creative, exciting and high in quality too.

If you want to truly dazzle someone with a thoughtful birthday gift, or you’re thinking of stocking up for the holidays, the following ideas will give you some instant inspiration. From cocktail lovers to wine lovers, we’ve got all the bases covered.

Gifts for the Tea Lover

Relaxing, healthy and packed full of herbal relief – what could be better than a hot cup of tea?
Tea is a fantastic gift for any occasion or season. Even if the person you’re shopping for has never been much of a tea drinker, there are so many different flavors and options out there that you’re sure to find something that blows them away. Plus, there’s plenty of research to show us that tea improves your health too! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for tea-related gifts.

A Tea-Infuser Mug

Make sure that your friend can get their tea-fix on the go with a delightful tea infuser bottle or mug. These systems are designed with double-wall glass to keep the tea hot, or cold, depending on what you prefer. Sustainable solutions like the “UEndure” bottle are great for brewing coffee and tea alike, so if your pal decides they want a change one day, they can easily switch out their beverage for something new.

A leak-free infuser bottle ensures that your tea-lover can take their favorite infusions wherever they go.

→ We love receiving loose tea as a gift too. Find out where the best tea in the world comes from so you can choose the right one.

A Tea Plant Kit

If your loved one is completely fascinated by tea and tea leaves – why not give them a chance to grow their very own plant? Even if they’ve brewed almost every flavor imaginable, there’s a good chance that they’ve never grown and steeped their own teas from scratch.

There are plenty of kits available on the market today, including those for chamomile tea, oolong, and more. Just pick the one that works with your climate, and your gift recipient’s preferences.

>> See more info on the Herbal tea kit above.

Tea Drops

If you have a friend that loves tea but hates having to deal with pesky tea bags and infusers, then “tea drops” could be the perfect solution for them. All you need to do is drop one of these little tablets into boiling water and stir it for a couple of minutes.

You can get boxes filled with a range of different tea flavors – so your friend never gets bored, and the tea drops look adorable too, thanks to their heart and flower shapes.

Herbal Tea Bath Kits

As mentioned above, tea isn’t just delicious – it’s good for your health too. What better way to let your loved one soak up all the benefits that tea leaves have to offer than giving them a way to literally soak in their favorite drink. Tea soaking kits come with everything you need to wash your stress away, and they’re reusable too – with enough tea for around four or five baths out of every sack. There’s a broad selection of blends available, including one for sore muscles, one for relaxation and one for stimulation.

Gifts for the Coffee Lover

Whether you’re a coffee lover yourself, or you know an avid coffee drinker, you probably know how seriously people take their java. As the drink that keeps most of us going throughout the day, coffee is an elixir of energy and life for many people. That means that if you’re going to get a coffee lover’s gift right, you need to choose it with care. Here are some of our suggestions.

A Handheld Espresso Maker

Some mornings you need a little extra kick to wake you up – but you don’t want to walk all the way to the local café and pay for a shot of espresso. Well now there’s a solution that makes it easier than ever to enjoy espresso. You can give your loved ones the strong and delicious coffee they need in an instant, with a hand-held espresso maker.

A fantastic alternative to bulky coffee makers and over-priced drinks, handheld solutions are perfect for everyday life, camping trips and more!

→ Looking for a full-size espresso machine? Check out our reviews here.

A Coffee Subscription

When your life is fueled by coffee, there’s nothing worse than going to the cupboard and discovering that you’ve run out of your favorite blend. Give someone the gift of knowing they’ll always have fresh coffee at home with a monthly subscription. You can purchase your subscription to last for as long as you want, depending on how big of a gift you want to give.

A Simple Coffee Grinder

As most true coffee addicts will know, there’s nothing quite like the flavor of a freshly-ground cup of coffee. From the moment they’re ground, coffee beans start to go stale, which is why you can always get a better cup of java if you’re willing to grind the beans yourself. Grinders come in many shapes and sizes, from electric models to simple manual grinders great for boosting the coffee making process.

>> See more about the grinder shown above

An AeroPress

Ideal for anyone who loves drinking coffee but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time slaving over the perfect cup, an Aeropress is a great and compact way to make delightful coffee in about a minute.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about the Aeropress is the fact that it’s incredibly small and lightweight so that you can take it with you on camping trips too!

>> See the Aeropress shown above

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A Drip Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a gift for the traditional coffee lover in your life, then you can’t go wrong with a simple drip coffee maker. For people who prefer old-school drip coffee with a reusable cone at the ready, there are plenty of simple drip coffee options out there that make just enough coffee for one cup. All you need is a filter and your coffee grounds to get started.

Gifts for the Cocktail Lover

We’ve covered a wide selection of gifts for people in your life who love their hot beverages, not let’s try something a little cooler. For instance, if you’ve got a cocktail enthusiast in your life, then you’re sure to love this selection of fun and glamorous gifts perfect for adding flair to their latest alcoholic creations.

A Cocktail Masterclass

If your friend or loved one adores drinking cocktails when they head out to the bar with friends, but they have no idea how to make their own drinks at home, then why not treat them to an education? There are plenty of classes out there that can teach people how to create a few signature cocktails all the way from the Moscow Mule to the cosmopolitan. These lessons are a fun and exciting way to give someone a selection of new skills.

Cocktail Pastilles

If you’re looking for a quirky and budget-friendly gift, then how about a box of cocktail pastilles? Designed with all the flavor of your favorite drinks, these delicious gummy candies come packed with taste (and alcohol). A box of six pastilles is enough to cover about three shots worth of whiskey, amaretto, vodka, or gin.

Cocktail Mixing Books

Give your friend or family member a fun way to pass the time and learn something new in the process with a couple of cocktail-themed books. There are plenty of different options out there to choose from, including books with recipes using your recipient’s favorite drinks, and those that include a broad selection. One particularly good book is the “Periodic Table of Cocktails” which includes 106 different recipes to explore.

Bartender’s Tool Selection

Even if the person you’re buying for is just an amateur drinks maker, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel like a pro. Help them uncover their hidden passions with a selection of professional bartender’s tools. Make sure that you include everything from a jug for mixing, to jiggers, muddlers, peelers, and tongs for the full effect.

Gifts for the Wine Lover

Wine is one of the most indulgent and luxurious drinks in the world. It’s so popular that people across the globe pay thousands of dollars just to explore beautiful vineyards full of freshly-ripening grapes. While you might not be able to afford to send your friend or family member on a wine tour, you can give them an excellent themed gift. Check out some of these fantastic options.

A Grow-Your-Own Wine Kit

So, you might not be able to pay for someone you love to go to Italy and check out some local vineyards, but you can always give them the chance to grow their own? Just like the tea growing set we mentioned above, there are plenty of fantastic hedgerow wine growing gifts available on the market, all with their own sterilizer, stabilizer, straining cloth and more so you can make the perfect glass at home!

A Great Corkscrew

There are few things more important to a wine lover than having the right corkscrew on hand. No-one likes having to fiddle around with an unreliable tool when they’re trying to open a fresh bottle of red for the evening’s steak dinner. Make sure your loved one always has the right solution on hand with a stable and sturdy corkscrew. You can even get electronic options if you want to go high-tech!

The Aervana Wine Aerator

Speaking of electronic wine tools, it doesn’t get much more high-tech than the stunning Aervana electric wine aerator. The original solution for people who want a one-touch approach to wine aeration and pouring. Aervana dispenses and aerates wine under pressure to help the drink develop its flavor.

The aerator is highly portable too, so your recipient can take it with them wherever they go.

→ Why not take your wine-loving friend on a tasting tour. See these great wine destinations.

A Portable Wine Glass

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy the delightful flavor of a robust red from a plastic cup when you’re out on a camping trip. For people who spend a lot of time on the go, a portable wine glass that doesn’t shatter in transit is a great way to enjoy any drink, anywhere in style. From plastic wine tumblers to flexible wine glasses that you can roll up and keep in your pocket, there are plenty of portable options on the market today.

A Selection of Mulling Spices

Finally, who says it has to be the holiday season before you can enjoy a delicious cup of mulled wine? With a mulling spices kit from Etsy, your friend can make their own wonderfully warm and flavorful mulled wine whenever and wherever they like. The kit comes in a beautiful set of cork-topped bottles too, so it looks fantastic gift-wrapped.


There you have it! 18 fantastic gift ideas for the foodie in your life, whether they’re obsessed with wine, mad about coffee, or simply love the idea of crafting their cocktails.


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18 of the best gifts to give a drink lover this year

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