16 Fun & Useful Gifts For Wine Lovers

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If you’re searching for the perfect gifts for wine lovers, this inspirational guide has 16 fun and useful wine gifts that your friends and family will love to receive. Any wine enthusiast will swoon over these gift ideas, as they are both practical and exciting.

We are the ultimate wine lovers and we own all of the gifts we mention on this list and swear by them. So, now there’s no excuse for buying a sub-par gift for your wine-loving friends. Just keep reading and you’ll find all the inspiration you need.

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Great Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine Squirrel Wine Preserving Glass DecanterLearn More

The Wine Squirrel is perfect for anyone who regularly doesn’t finish a bottle of wine in one sitting. Instead of letting the wine go bad because it’s been open too long, the wine squirrel provides an air tight seal on the wine in a decanter that keeps the wine fresh for weeks. You can open it and pour a glass, then seal it back up without any issues. You can even store the carafe on its side, since the seal is so tight.

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Boxxle Box Wine DispenserLearn More

Having wine essentially on tap at home would be amazing. This Boxxle wine dispenser holds up to 3 liters of wine. You just need to attach a box wine pouch on the inside of the container and it will keep the wine fresh for up to 6 weeks. You can also buy reusable bags for the machine, which will hold 4 bottles of wine.

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Wine CondomsLearn More

Wine condoms make a great gift to give someone who loves wine. It’s a funny joke gift or gag gift, but it’s also quite practical. The shrink to fit technology allows you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal that is fully reusable. Plus it’s a great conversation piece at a party.

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Wooden Wine Gift Box & ToolsLearn More

This real bamboo wooden wine box is a great way to deliver a special bottle of wine to friends as a gift. It makes a lovely wedding or house warming gift. The interior has a slot for the wine bottle that protects it and keeps it from rolling around. There are matching bamboo wine tools in the box’s lid, including an opener, stopper, and pourer.

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Bocavin Electric Wine OpenerLearn More

There’s no easier way to open a bottle of wine than with this Bocavin electric wine opener. It uses compressed air technology to quickly and easily remove the cork at the press of a button – in less than 3 seconds. And you can open 20-30 bottles on a single charge. It’s perfect for a wine party where you’re opening a lot of bottles at a time. All you have to do is push the needle into the bottle and push the button. The cork is expelled.

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Le Chateau Wine DecanterLearn More

I love this sleek and beautiful wine decanter. Any one who drinks wine at home would love to have this decanter. It not only helps to quickly breath life into older vintage wines, it also looks lovely on the table.

The decanter is made of 100% lead-free crystal. It is designed to hold a 750ml bottle of wine with the right amount of breathable surface area remaining at the top when full. It also has an easy pour slanted spout.

If this decanter’s too “ordinary” for you, check out this one and this one. Love!

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Aervana One-Touch Electric Wine AeratorLearn More

You may think your friend is a wine snob, but they probably just really love their wine! There’s nothing like opening an older vintage wine, aerating it properly, and enjoying the aromas as you sip and enjoy. This Aervana wine aerator does all the work to bring an aged wine back to life so you can fully enjoy it.

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Animal Wine Pourer AeratorLearn More

We found and purchased our animal wine pourer in Sonoma at a winery that stocked at least a dozen different animals. We bought the bear and named him Wineston. The pourer aerates the wine through its mouth as you pour, which is a great added bonus. The real joy is watching the wine pour from its mouth and into your glass. Sounds strange, but I’ve yet to meet someone who wasn’t fascinated by it.

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Wine Sayings CoastersLearn More

The perfect casual gift – perhaps for a coworker or acquaintance – these coasters are adorned by cute wine phrases and will make a great addition to the coffee table as conversation starters.


Wine Stakes SetLearn More

We received these wine stakes as a wedding gift and found them indispensable for picnics and events held outside. They stake easily into the ground to provide a place to keep your bottle and wine glasses upright in the grass. Genius.

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Oenophilia Wine Tasting KitLearn More

Ever thought about hosting your own blind wine tasting party? We used to hold one every year and our guests loved it. It’s a fun way to get to know wine better, to try your skills at blind tasting, and to have a fun time while doing it.

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VinGardeValise Wine Travel SuitcaseLearn More

If the person you’re buying for likes to travel for wine, like we do, then this is the perfect gift to give them. You can securely pack up to 8 bottles of wine in this suitcase. The secure, padded spaces make sure the wine stays secure during transit. You can also remove one or both of the inserts and use it for clothing,
or a mix of both. The suitcase has spinner wheels, so it’s easy to push. And it conforms to all TSA airline standards.

It also comes in a larger 12-bottle version. See it in action here.

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Wine Glass HOlder NecklaceLearn More

These things come in handy when you’re at a wine tasting event where you need to carry your glass and a plate of food at the same time. You can just put this around your neck and you can be hands free. We’ve used these every year at the Sonoma Wine Weekend and people are always asking us where we got them.

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Wine Bottle BrainteaserLearn More

This wine bottle brainteaser game goes well on any coffee table. No one who sits down in front of it can resist trying to work it out. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. The wine isn’t included, but the instructions and solution are (just in case).

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Beach Bag with Hidden, Insulated CompartmentLearn More

This is no ordinary beach back. It actually holds up to 2 bottles of wine (or 1.5 liters of your favorite drink – which better be wine) in a hidden, insulated compartment, so you can lug your wine to the beach in style and keep it hidden away (and chilled properly!). Plus there’s still room for your beach things. The pouch inside can be reused as long as you keep it clean and dry.

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Wine WatchersLearn More

These are not your ordinary wine glass charms. They’re way cuter! The guests will love picking out their color and sticking him on the wine stem. They’re endless fun. Don’t believe me? Give them a try. You’ll see. No one can resist the wine watchers. We also love the mustache version.

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naked wines

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Here’s how it works: When you sign up for the wine club, you become an Angel. You invest $20 or more a month into your Naked Wines piggy bank. Naked Wines uses that money to invest in talented, independent winemakers. In return, they give you exclusive wines at insider prices (25%-50% off retail). And the money you put in your piggy bank each month can be used any time to purchase the wine you love.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 16 unique wine gifts to give your wine-loving friends. If you’ve got a wine lover on your gift list this year, you can definitely find something here that they will love. Have another suggestion to add to the list? We’re always looking for more ideas! Send them our way.

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  1. Shubham says:

    I gifted deer shaped wine pourer to my friend on his birthday. He is a wine lover. Wine stakes is also a great option for gifting. Thanks to your blog, I found more options

    • Angela says:

      The animal shaped wine pourers are so much fun aren’t they! We have the bear and the octopus and love them.

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